Title: better3/25/2015 8:25:20 PM
Restaurant health is very good, the food is delicious, service is also very timely, I've been to many times with the husband, friends birthday will also come to this restaurant
Title: LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE3/25/2015 5:33:29 PM
the restaurant is clean £¬delicious food£¬ lovely service very good
Title: oh,good3/19/2015 5:10:19 PM
good food ,good service, the best choice
Title: service3/18/2015 5:00:40 PM
service is personable, friendly and prompt
Title: lunch3/18/2015 4:59:54 PM
eat lunch here regullary furendly, fast
Title: i love coming here3/17/2015 7:12:28 PM
i am going to miss the food here i love coming here for their dim sum
Title: the best3/17/2015 7:11:12 PM
the best chinese food in the city ,everything is super fresh.good dervice and food come quite fast
Title: nice3/16/2015 5:04:03 PM
very nice, i love the restaurant
Title: very good3/15/2015 5:44:09 PM
very friendly service!! would return for sure! great food, very fresh
Title: i like it3/15/2015 5:41:12 PM
I have enjoyed food from many great places around the world. The restaurant has a touch of all of them. The food is really good. Lots of flavours with many different dishes. They care about thier food and it shows in the atmosphere and the cooking.
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