Title: 2024/5/19 9:54:30
Very bad service bad attitude I come there all the time just one time I told them they mad a mistake they floped on me racsest peace’s of shit
Title: 2023/8/18 11:12:43
We walked out because of their bad service, when we arrived they don’t even ask us how are we doing and after giving menu no bother came back to check if we’re ready to order we’ve been waiting for them to get our order….the tea is even hot at all very bad service in short Maybe racist
Title: 2023/8/18 11:05:51
The servers are very rude, slow and very unfriendly Maybe they’re even racist because we are a bunch of Filipino . They should changed those kind of servers Not good for the bussiness!!! We just left and cancel our order
Title: 2023/4/14 19:26:43
We have been calling for 3 days trying to make a reservation.. are you still open? If yes, could you please answer your phone!!
Title: 2023/4/14 19:19:08
Answer your phone, we have been trying for 3 days to contact you and make a reservation
Title: 2023/2/20 19:02:55
My name is John Tower . I am having my party in APRIL, and I want it to be held at your venue on the 29th of APRIL, with 20 guests invited. I'm flexible with the date. Before we proceed with our request, Please answer the following question below; 1. What type of credit cards do you accept? 2. Can you work with our official family favorite band performing for the event regarding payment to them? Await your quick response. Regards, John Tower
Title: 2023/11/13 23:09:07
Title: 2022/3/12 14:24:30
Can I please make a reservation for brunch Arpril 20 at 11am. Silke Malouin 403 462 2158
Title: 2022/11/12 10:23:20
Would you please be able to send me your General Manager/Chef's email address? Thank you Thomas
Title: 2021/7/9 16:39:17
Seems to be impossible to order any more through SkipTheDishes. I guess we have to find another restaurant to order Chinese
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