Title: very good3/15/2015 5:44:09 PM
very friendly service!! would return for sure! great food, very fresh
Title: i like it3/15/2015 5:41:12 PM
I have enjoyed food from many great places around the world. The restaurant has a touch of all of them. The food is really good. Lots of flavours with many different dishes. They care about thier food and it shows in the atmosphere and the cooking.
Title: good3/15/2015 5:38:55 PM
Excellent food and service,friendly atmosphere
Title: great3/15/2015 5:38:06 PM
Great food / service. Nice restaurant. Recommended.
Title: 2019/6/10 0:14:40
Working nightshift seen you on skip the dishes, great meal will definitely order again thx :)
Title: 2019/5/12 11:23:57
Best Asain restaurant in Calgary I’ve been a costumer for over 10 years and their service and price never disappoint
Title: 2018/8/20 14:44:44
we would like to place a order for Aug 31. Its for a office event. 15 people.
Title: 2018/7/12 0:36:12
The U & Me restaurant is amazing late night eats! Excellent food!
Title: 2018/6/28 7:01:04 -
Title: 2018/5/9 18:19:07
Hi. I would highly appreciate if I could eat here and not get disrespected and yelled at by the servers because I didnt tip enough. they didnt even do there job and serve
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